Date: 9/9/2022
Day: 2
Flash N°: 11C
Service: A (Lamia)

 #59 Jon ARMSTRONG / Brian HOY 

“It was a difficult day. A rough Rally. We had three punctures. In the last one we changed it on the stage. But it’s okay, we didn’t use superally. We lost a lot of time but we are still in the fight for the Championship. It’s still a long way to go, so you don’t know what will happen.”

#60 Robert VIRVES / Julia THULIN 

“It was a tough day. Obviously we knew it was going to be rough. But even when trying to drive smoothly we had a puncture from the first stage. I try to be extremely smart and I think that pays us back. Tomorrow I will keep a steady pace.”

#62 William CREIGHTON / Liam REGAN

“I am very happy to be here. We had a puncture in the morning. But it’s a long and rough Rally. It's difficult to find the right rhythm. It’s still a long way to go.”

#63 McRae KIMATHI / Mwangi KIONI 

“We had some issues with the power steering but we are happy to be here. Tomorrow we will try to keep it clean and finish the Rally.”

#64 Diego DOMINGUEZ / Rogelio PEÑATE 

“It was a long day, exhausting and we are very happy to be here. It’s the first time we are racing against the JWRC drivers. We had a puncture in the first stage. We changed the setup during the day and we were surprised by our times. I am very happy and I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

#65 Epameinondas KARANIKOLAS / Georgios KAKAVAS 

“At the beginning we try to familiarize ourselves with the car. But some stages were like hell with all the stones! We only had one puncture in SS3. In Bauxites there was a lot of hanging dust and stones on the road. The car is perfect!”

#66 Panagiotis ISMAILOS / Allan HARRYMAN 

“It’s a very long Rally. We began the day trying to avoid the problems, and everything was running according to the plan. But in SS Livadia we had an electrical issue. After that we also lost time in SS7, because we caught the car in front of us. But we are here and we are going to continue tomorrow.”

#71 Georgios ATHANASOPOULOS / Spyridon BARDAKIS 

“Very difficult day. This is our first participation in the Acropolis Rally and we faced some unseen situations. The ruts and the stones were unbelievable. If conditions are better tomorrow, we will try to push.”

 #73 Savvas LEFKADITIS / Evangelos AKRATOS 

“It was okay in general. In Harvati we couldn’t even start the stage with the huge ruts. After that we also had a puncture and we lost a lot of time. But we are here, and that’s the most important. We will try to keep a good rhythm tomorrow and try to fight for 2nd place.”


“Ιt was a very difficult day. The ruts from the cars in front were huge and there were stones all over the place. But we managed to get through without any problem. Tomorrow we will drive flat-out!”






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