Environmental Policy

The EKO Acropolis Rally is committed to continuous improvement in environmental standards in compliance with the FIA's sustainability program and its Environmental Certification Framework.

In 2021, EKO Acropolis Rally has been awarded with the Two Stars level of the FIA Environmental Certification Framework and in 2022, we are engaged in pursuing the Three Stars level certification. We have identified the potential impacts of our event; we are committed to comply with the relevant legislation and become a best practice case regarding environmental protection in the region in the field of motorsports. All activities will be conducted with the adequate attention to the protection of the natural and manmade environment with the use of an environmental management system.

We focus on minimizing and better managing the waste coming directly from the event’s operation, enhancing environmental awareness amongst the participants, volunteers, staff, spectators and contributing to the global fight against climate change, using less natural resources, water, energy. Thus, we are encouraging active leadership and participation of
all stakeholders in safeguarding the environment. Event’s sponsors are mobilized in our effort to leave all stages of the event clean and to maximize upcycling.

With the assistance of the State, regional and local authorities we are making sure that the EKO Acropolis Rally will have a lighter “tyre-print” on the environment and will contribute to the sustainable development of the areas that will be hosting this unique event.






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