Date: 9/9/2022
Day: 2
Flash N°: 11B
Service: A (Lamia)

 #20 Andreas MIKKELSEN / Torstein ERIKSEN 

“The day was fine. We didn't have much to fight for, so we drive, we try to have a good pace. No issues today, everything went fine. We lost 10 minutes yesterday, we ‘ll try to catch time tomorrow, hopefully we can drive and get some points for the Championship.”

#21 Yohan ROSSEL / Valentin SARREAUD 

“Not a perfect day, honestly. I don't have confidence in the car. We will see tomorrow, we need to work on the car. We will change the dampers and the rear differential.”

#22 Teemu SUNINEN / Mikko MARKKULA

“The best I can do is to focus on my work and do my best to improve the car - actually I have been able to do it in the last rallies. Here we are struggling a bit with the pace. When it is smooth we are there with the pace, but on the rough parts we are losing time.” 

#23 Nikolay GRYAZIN Konstantin / ALEKSANDROV 

“Quite an interesting day, very long. We are happy to be here. It was very slippery at some places, but it was the same for everyone. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow, maybe it’s not that slippery.”


I always enjoy Greece and today has been really good. We enjoyed it, the stages were tricky. We only faced a puncture on stage 3, but otherwise we had no problems. I think we will raise the pace a bit and maybe see if we can catch a podium place.”

#26 Christopher INGRAM / Craig DREW 

“Really difficult today. We hit a parked car in one of the stages and we lost about 4 minutes, but I’m happy to be still in the rally. We can fight back some positions, our pace has been quite strong.”

#27 Bruno BULACIA / Marc MARTI 

“Nice day, I have a good feeling with the car, it is going well. Tomorrow we want to continue like this, but the target is to finish the rally.”

#28 Georg LINNAMÄE / James MORGAN 

“It was super tricky. In the first stage we had some problems with the car, luckily we managed to fix it in the tyre fitting zone. Second part was a little bit better, overall we can be happy. Could have been better, but could have been worse. The approach will be the same tomorrow. I’ll try to be a bit cautious, it's easy to make a mistake or to get a puncture.”

#29 Fabrizio ZALDIVAR / Marcelo DER OHANNESIAN 

“It was a good day, very long. I had a puncture but it was OK. We will see what happens tomorrow.”

#30 Gaurav GILL / Gabriel MORALES 

“Done, but not the right way, because we had too many issues, not even one proper stage. We had so much dust, we had literally to stop some times, then we had a puncture and a bent rear arm. We still have two more days to go and we will make the most of it.”

#31 Gregoire MUNSTER / Louis LOUKA

“We had a problem yesterday, but today it was OK, doing kilometers and gaining experience, because we don't drive so often on this kind of surface. We will try to improve the car setup, the feeling, the confidence on the gravel, and then maybe to close a bit the gap with the guys in the front.”

#32 Martin PROKOP / Michal ERNST 

“Very nice day, very long, like a Dakar stage, all day in the car, but the stages were really nice. We are happy with the car, with our performance. It's not the best engine with the heat and the high altitude, but the chassis is great and it is enjoyable.”


“Today was not so bad, we had some small problems with the brakes, a puncture in stage four. Tomorrow is a long day, we will keep our speed and we will see.”


“It was a good day for us, we try to keep a safe rhythm. A lot of stages without service park, so I’m very happy to be here without any problem. Tomorrow we want to try to push a little bit more, keep going and finish the rally.”

#37 Jean-Michel RAOUX / Laurent MAGAT 

“Acropoilis rally is very punishing for the car and the tyres, so we live stage by stage and it is important to be here. We lost a lot of time in the last stage because of the dust.”

#38 Jonathan RIEU / Jules ESCARTEFIGUE 

“Very very long day, but I really enjoyed it. In the morning we will attack in the first special stage.”

#39 Frédéric ROSATI / Loris PASCUAD 

“It was difficult, very rough with dust. Difficult stages but mythical! Tomorrow will be a big challenge, we will see.”

#40 Fabrizio ARENGI / Massimiliano BOSI 

“Very intense rally, we had many problems. I didn't like the car’s setup in the morning, we fixed that, but two stages later we had a problem with the brakes. We fixed that too, but we got 50 seconds penalty and then we had a problem with the clutch,it was a busy day. Tomorrow is gonna be a different day, because we will have the service after the  first round and we are looking for the master-cup ranking.”

#41 Eduardo CASTRO / Fernando MUSSANO 

“In the morning it was so so and the afternoon very good.The gravel is very rough. I’m happy with the car. Tomorrow will be similar.”

#43 Carlo COVI / Michela LORIGIOLA 

“It has been a great day, long and really challenging. The stages have been amazing. Rough, smooth, quick, really slow, everything. They are really nice. Tomorrow we will keep having fun and do our best.”

#45 Diogo SALVI / Hugo MAGALHAES 

“It’s a big rally, I tried to get a good pace. Some places were very rough, but it's a very nice rally. I need to rest tonight and be fit for tomorrow.”

#46 Miguel DÍAZ ABOITIZ / Jordi HEREU 

“We are here, which is very good actually. Our plan for tomorrow is to finish.”

#47 Georgios KEHAGIAS / Dimitrios SAINIS 

“It was nice. Since we managed to get back, everything’s fine. We want to have a good start tomorrow, like we did today. We will see what happens next.”

#48 Panagiotis ROUSTEMIS / Christos BAKLORIS

Rolled on SS7.


“Happy to be here without a scratch on the car, without a puncture or any problem whatsoever. Our stage times got worse stage by stage. That’s because we haven’t participated in a rally for a long time and also because of  my injury. I feel tired and don’t have the physical strength. If tomorrow I feel better, I will try to push. In a different situation, we will slow down and try to reach the finish, because that’s very important for our sponsors. It’s good that we are first between the Greek crews with a good margin.”

#50 Alexandros TSOULOFTAS / Ross WHITTOCK 

“It was a new experience for us. I am very delighted to participate in a WRC event. I feel very lucky to be here. During the day we increased our pace and found a good rhythm and I think that the next two days we will drive much better. We are going to push more, because we have good knowledge of the stages.”

#51 Chrysostomos KARELLIS / Leonidas MACHAIRAS 

“We are delighted to be here. It was a unique experience. The day was really tough. At the beginning we had some problems with the car and also we made the wrong tire choice. Tomorrow is a new day in my home country and I think we will drive faster.” 

#53 Vasileios VELANIS / Ioannis VELANIS 

“In general it was a good day, despite the problems we had. It’s important that we manage to get back to Lamia.”

#55 János PUSKÁDI / Barnabás GÓDOR 

“It was a proper Acropolis rally, with dust, heat, sunshine, spectators - it’s a dream. Our speed is not on the level of the guys at the front, but it’s a beautiful car, we take care of it and we want to go until Sunday.”

#57 Dionysios SPANOS / Sotirios GOTOVOS 

“It was a good day for us. Despite the fact that we tried to find a good pace, on the last stage there was a lot of dust and also it was dark. We were disappointed. Tomorrow we want to go faster.” 






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