Date: 11/9/2022
Day: 4
Flash N°: 22B
Finish: Lamia

 #20 Andreas MIKKELSEN / Torstein ERIKSEN

“We were hoping for a lot more, points-wise. In a way it was a nice weekend, because for a very long time I haven't run flat out. You always think about the Championship, but when you’ve lost 10 minutes you don't care anymore. It was nice to keep this pace for a whole rally from Friday on without making any mistakes. This was our last rally, now we have to sit and wait, to see what the other guys do for the rest of the year.”

#21 Yohan ROSSEL / Valentin SARREAUD

Retired on SS16. Rolled.

#22 Teemu SUNINEN / Mikko MARKKULA

“It was a big challenge for the drivers and also for the cars. Friday went pretty well, Saturday too, in the morning loop we were second. On the last stage we were forced to retire. That’s rallying sometimes.”

#23 Nikolay GRYAZIN Konstantin / ALEKSANDROV

“The rally was really nice, roads were good. On the second pass the conditions were quite good. No punctures and no big issues. We were managing the pace. A special thank you to the team and my co-driver.”


“I was already expecting to have a nice rally here, I was not expecting to win. I can be really satisfied with that. It was not easy to avoid all possible mistakes. We managed, and that’s the point of this rally.”

#28 Georg LINNAMÄE / James MORGAN

“It was rough, tough and hot. We had a lot of difficulties, but this is rallying. At least our pace was good.”

#29 Fabrizio ZALDIVAR / Marcelo DER OHANNESIAN

“Rough rally, long, hot days. I’m very happy to see a lot of people in the stages. We are very happy to finish the rally. We are looking forward to being here again next year.”


“It was a rough rally, apparently. Yesterday we went out of the road and couldn't go back. But I’m very happy, because it was a new experience for us.”

#40 Fabrizio ARENGI / Massimiliano BOSI

“This was my first time here, I really enjoyed all the stages. I want to say thanks to all the people who watched us at the stages. It was great fun.”

#41 Eduardo CASTRO / Fernando MUSSANO

“It was very tough. I had a very good feeling with the car. I’m really very happy to finish the rally. It was really amazing for me.”

#47 Georgios KEHAGIAS / Dimitrios SAINIS

“It didn't go very well. At least we made it back home, we enjoyed it. Everything's fine.”


"Everything was fine at the end. It was a very difficult rally for me. Probably the hardest I've done in my career. The reasons were not related to the rally itself, but it doesn't matter. We didn't have any problems and we had a pace that brought us to the finish. It got harder and harder every day. So we had to adjust our pace accordingly."

#50 Alexandros TSOULOFTAS / Ross WHITTOCK

“I’m very happy to be here, 3rd in WRC2, 9th in the overall classification, with a great performance especially in the Power Stage. We have the speed, all you need for the future is to drive more, to gain more experience.”

#51 Chrysostomos KARELLIS / Leonidas MACHAIRAS

“Great experience, we managed to reach the finish line, that was our goal. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to live this experience.”

#53 Vasileios VELANIS / Ioannis VELANIS

“This is the Acropolis Rally. Tough as always, forcing men and machines to the limits. We did it, we are here, thanks to our strategy. Congrats to the team, a warm ‘thank you’ to our sponsors.”

#54 Efthymios CHALKIAS / Andreas VIGKOS

“We're happy to be back, despite dropping out on the first day. The crowd got us in the mood, we were rewarded by that. Acropolis was very difficult, but it is a celebration, we enjoyed it.”

#55 János PUSKÁDI / Barnabás GÓDOR

“It was beautiful, it was great, but very very hard. It was on our bucket list to do it and we are very happy to finish it. We thank Greece and all the people here. It was great to have so many spectators.”

#56 Georgios VASILAKIS / Konstantinos SOUKOULIS

"It was the best race I've had so far. We had a rhythm, calmness, and we enjoyed it. The organization was amazing, everything was fine."

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