Date: 10/9/2022
Day: 3
Flash N°: 14
Service: C (Lamia)


“There was a corner which was more slippery than I expected. We went wide and we hit the back of the car. The suspension bent and we lost the brakes. We managed to fix the brakes, but nothing else. In the afternoon we will try to gain some points.”

#8 Ott TÄNAK / Martin JÄRVEOJA

“We had a problem with the differential in the second stage. We lost a lot of time. It’s a shame. We will see what happens in the afternoon.”

#11 Thierry NEUVILLE / Martijn WYDAEGHE

“It was a perfect morning for us. We continue from where we stopped yesterday. In a good rhythm, and feeling confident with the car. We had a clean loop and we managed to get the lead and create a gap in the two last stages. It was perfect. The stages are going to be rough in the afternoon, so we have to be carefull.”

#33 Elfyn EVANS Scott MARTIN 

“It’s been fine. No problems, but not as fast as we want. We will try to increase our pace in the afternoon with a cleaner road.”

#18 Takamoto KATSUTA / Aaron JOHNSTON

“We changed some things at the night service, but it wasn’t going in the right direction. We keep struggling. I was not able to drive the car normally, there was understeer or oversteer and no balance at all.”

#42 Craig BREEN / Paul NAGLE 

“Everything is alright.  It’s very hot! We will try to keep the same pace and come back in the afternoon.”

#4 Esapekka LAPPI / Janne FERM

“The surface changed a lot from yesterday's stages, and it seems it doesn't suit our car. I am afraid that it will not change in the afternoon. We will see what happens.”

#6 Dani SORDO / Candido CARRERA

“Difficult to keep the car in the line. The last stage (Tarzan) was very slippery and we struggled with the grip. Understeer, oversteer, we had a bit of everything. It was bad.”


“It’s a lot better today. We only had a problem in the first stage, with the car having a strange behavior when we turned right. But in general it was a good day. We found a good rhythm and took some time back. And that’s good. I am very happy with my times, considering we are not in an ideal road position.”

#7 Pierre-Louis LOUBET / Vincent LANDAIS 

“Bad luck. We lost a lot of time with the puncture, but it’s part of the game. To continue without changing the tyre on the stage was the right decision, because we lost only one minute. It’s difficult to catch the guys in front, they are driving very fast. We have to be realistic .”

#9 Jourdan SERDERIDIS / Frederic MICLOTTE 

“We had to clean the road, but we knew it. That's the rules! The first stage was so difficult for me, because it was so long! Also on the last kilometers of Pyrgos there was a lot of cleaning. We are improving and I think that in the second pass it will be much better. ”

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