Date: 9/9/2022
Day: 2
Flash N°: 10
Special stage: SS7 Bauxites
Distance: 22.97 km
Weather: Sunny
Road conditions: Smooth and rough gravel


“Τomorrow we will try to do something better. In this one I try to get through. The car felt a little bit strange from the middle.”

#8 Ott TÄNAK / Martin JÄRVEOJA

“I pushed hard for a better road position tomorrow. I did everything I could. But all the stages are uphill and we have no hybrid. I am carrying 100 kilos for no reason.”

#11 Thierry NEUVILLE / Martijn WYDAEGHE

“I am happy to finish the day. Tomorrow our road position will be better and more enjoyable. The car was good and I think we will enjoy it more tomorrow.”

#33 Elfyn EVANS Scott MARTIN

“It's been tough. It felt a bit better in here, but we're just missing the grip a bit. I don't know.”

#18 Takamoto KATSUTA / Aaron JOHNSTON

“I was struggling all day. It was not enjoyable. I will try to manage tomorrow and improve. I am not happy with my times today, but that is the situation. I try to smile, but I am disappointed.”

#42 Craig BREEN / Paul NAGLE

“I had this stupid rubber door seal coming down. It was getting stuck on my arm all the time. That's just how the day was going.”

#4 Esapekka LAPPI / Janne FERM

“It’s fine for me. I am very happy today and my driving. All good.”

#19 Sébastien LOEB / Isabelle GALMICHE

“I decided to push really hard at this stage. I lost a lot of time in the previous one. And I trιied to finish with a good rhythm.”

#6 Dani SORDO / Candido CARRERA

“I made some modifications to the car and also I knew the stage. So I try to push. I have a good feeling with the car, but in the previous one it was very slippery and narrow. It wasn’t a great day for me, but we are here.”


“Happy with the performance of my teammate. Every time I wanted to brake, I had to press the entire pedal to the floor. I saw that a road position was possible to gain and I think we've possibly got one.”

#7 Pierre-Louis LOUBET / Vincent LANDAIS

“We had an issue with the brake at the beginning of the stage, and with the steering at the end. I am very happy, we missed the first position for a small gap, but I am pleased. It’s a dream come true that we fight for the lead with Sebastien Loeb.”

#9 Jourdan SERDERIDIS / Frederic MICLOTTE

“We have a lot of issues. We had a broken damper, a problem with the hybrid unit and also the throttle.”


With an amazing time in the last stage, Sebastien Loeb finished leading the second day of the EKO Acropolis Rally. Behind the 9 times World Champion is Pierre-Louis Loubet, while third comes Esapekka Lappi.

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