ΕΚΟ Acropolis Rally on TV

The interest generated from the presence of EKO Rally Acropolis in the World Rally Championship, is underlined by its extensive television coverage.

In order to make the TV coverage of EKO Acropolis Rally as extensive as possible, COSMOTE TV has launched a pop-up channel dedicated to the event, whilst ERT (Greek National TV) will provide live broadcast of Ceremonial Start and COSMOTE 5G Athens Stage.

As usual in WRC, the special stages will be broadcasted live by WRC All Live platform, in the series' official website.

More specifically, up to September13th and via its pop-up channel, COSMOTE TV will convey the pulse of the event with tributes, interviews, reports and live coverage of all the stages. Having been "on air" since 6 September, the channel "COSMOTE Sport Acropolis Rally" already broadcasts a 1,5 hours daily show, as also reports from the EKO Service Park in Lamia.

On Thursday 9 September, Greek National Television will also provide, via ERT2 channel, live coverage of Ceremonial Start under the Acropolis, as well as of COSMOTE 5G Athens Stage at Syntagma Square.

Furthermore, all special stages of EKO Acropolis Rally will be broadcasted by WRC+ and more specifically, the subscription platform WRC All Live, as it's the case with every round of the series.

EKO Acropolis Rally - TV schedule


COSMOTE Sport Acropolis Rally

Tuesday 7 September

Acropolis Rally Show, 20:00

Wednesday 8 September

Acropolis Rally Show, 19:00


Thursday 9 September

Shakedown, 08:00

Acropolis Rally Show, 17:00

Ceremonial Start, 17:30

SS1 COSMOTE 5G Athens Stage, 18:00

Acropolis Rally Show, 20:00

Friday 10 September

Acropolis Rally Show, 10:00

SS2 Aghii Theodori 1, 10:15

SS3 Loutraki, 11:10

Acropolis Rally Show, 13:00

SS4 Aghii Theodori 2, 13:20

SS5 Thiva, 15:45

SS6 Elatia, 17:40

Acropolis Rally Show, 20:00

Day 1 Highlights, 23:30

Saturday 11 September

Acropolis Rally Show, 08:15

SS7 Pavliani 1, 08:30

SS8 Gravia, 09:55

Acropolis Rally Show, 11:30

SS9 Bauxites, 11:50

SS10 Eleftherohori 1  , 13:00

Acropolis Rally Show, 16:00

SS11 Pavliani 2, 16:15

SS12 Eleftherohori 2, 18:00

Acropolis Rally Show, 20:00

Day 2 Highlights, 23:30

Sunday 12 September

Acropolis Rally Show, 07:45

SS13 Tarzan 1, 08:00

SS14 Pyrgos, 09:50

SS15 Tarzan 2 (Power Stage), 13:00

Acropolis Rally Show, 14:30

Event Highlights, 23:30

Monday 13 September

Acropolis Rally Show, 20:00


Thursday 9 September

Ceremonial Start, 17:00-18:00

SS1 COSMOTE 5G Athens Stage, 18:00-20:00

For more information on WRC All Live TV schedule, visit the championship's official website 







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