EKO Acropolis Rally 2022: The highlight of the year!

Everybody was there! The 64,500 spectators who filled the Olympic Stadium, the top WRC drivers, their co-drivers and the teams of the World Championship, as well as the Greek Political Leadership, who have once again embraced the EKO Acropolis Rally. 

EKO Super Special Stage proved out to be the highlight of 2022 season, and it will surely remain in the memory of those who participated or watched this first battle of the crews against the timer. Great spectacle, along with the sound, even the… smell of WRC was spread in the Olympic Stadium of Athens, right after the ceremonial start of the rally. The message of diversity and uniqueness of the “Rally of Gods” was sent to every corner of the planet. After all, the image was broadcast live in 150 countries and to approximately 50 million TV viewers! Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis honoured the EKO Acropolis Rally with his presence, while Deputy Minister of Sports and Culture, Lefteris Avgenakis, raised the flag for the Rally. The starting ceremony was also held in the presence of important representatives of the State, the Sponsors of the Rally and the Local Government. 

“It’s like it should always be. Congratulations to the Organizers for putting this in place for us and for all the spectators who came today. It shows that it's possible to bring huge crowds to the WRC, and we should look to do more on other events as well”, the winner of SS1, Thierry Neuville, said, confirming that, after the return to the World Rally Championship in 2021, the “Rally of Gods” is established this year as the top Rally on the calendar; the event which makes history at each corner of its 303.3 kilometers. 

Everyone's attention is now drawn to the Greek mountains for the following three days, when the crews will give the ultimate battle along fifteen demanding special stages. The fastest, the most concentrated and resilient, as well as the most forward-thinking and lucky combination will take the highest step of the podium on Sunday.

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