GK5 3366Date: 01/06/2018
Place: Acropolis of Athens
Flash No: 2

The 2018 EKO Acropolis Rally, the 64th repletion of Greece’s most distinguished motorsport event, started today under the Parthenon monument and a bright sunny sky. This is round 3 of the European Rally Championship. Action starts at 15:26 with the Markopoulo Hippodrome Super Special Stage.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey

“Everything ok. It could really be a tough battle in this rally”

Νο3: HERCZIG Norbert - FERENCZ Ramon

“We are the rookies in our category, but I hope we will be lucky not to have a puncture or some technical problem. We would like to find a good rhythm on the stages, I hope it will be ok”

 Νο4: GRZYB Grzegorz - WROBEL Jakub

“We ‘ve got a good feeling, the weather is good and our starting position too. We expect competition to be very hard at the top 5 with many good drivers and good teams”.

Νο6: BRYNILDSEN Eyvind - ENGAN Veronic

“The atmosphere is very good, and we are looking forward to it. It will be three long days. Today is long as well, even though there are not so many stages. On Saturday it's going to be rough, so we have to be prepared for it”.


“We are at the Acropolis and we look forward for the rally. The entry list is big and the competition tense. We must pick a good strategy to get a good result. We are ok and looking forward to it”.


“It's my first time here, we see how it goes. I am not familiar with the stages, but they seem easy to read. We have really big hopes but we have to be really careful with the Greek sun. We’ ll try to find a good balance between driving fast and avoid any problems”

Νο11: MONTEIRO Aloisio - COUCEIRO Andre

“It’s a long race, so we need to think about each stage that the car needs to run until the end. Yesterday our target was not to be the first on the road, so we decided to be on the 16th position, behind all these guys so we won't have to open the stage. That way we can try not to damage the car and in the end to achieve a good result, this is what we want.”

Νο12: AVCIOGLOU Orhan - KORKMAZ Burcin

“We are at the Acropolis, the scenery is beautiful. Today we have two stages. One of them is 30 km and tough, and the other is the spectator’s stage, and we are looking forward to it. The atmosphere is beautiful and people are really friendly. Hopefully it would be a good rally”

Νο15: SERDERIDIS Jourdan - MICLOTTE Frederic

“I think we are ready to tackle this event and we had excellent preparation with the small Fthiotidos Rally 15 days ago, with a very good test, and qualifying was good as well. Now we have to be very clever, because it’s a long rally and also a difficult one. Is we are clever and keep the speed we will have a good result”


“We are ready for the rally, although we are racing here for the first time. We want to be as fast as possible, but careful too”

No26: KARELLIS Chrysostomos - PANAYIOTOUNIS Elias

“We hope everything goes well, to reach the finish and to have fun”

Νο30: HALKIAS Efthimios - MAHAERAS Leonidas

"It’s like a national holiday, EKO Acropolis Rally is a holiday for motorsport. Driving an R5 car is a dream come true. We plan to have fun!"

Νο31: ROUSTEMIS Panagiotis - KAPELLAS George

“It’s a dream come true. Our target is to reach the finish and have a good rally”

Νο33: "EL NAK Jr" - VIGOS Andreas

“It’s very emotional to cross the starting ramp of the Acropolis Rally, for me it’s the first time [with a contemporary car] and our target is to have fun”

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