recce brynildsenTwo days of Reconnaissance of the EKO 2018 Acropolis Rally’s Special Stages reached their completion at the Lamia Service Park and all crews found the stages very interesting, while several ones pointed out that there are many tricky points that need attention.

Thiva and New Amfissa proved to be the favorite ones among the drivers. The action starts tomorrow, Thursday, May 31 at 16:38, with the Qualifying Stage (3.70 km) which will judge the starting order for the top 15 ERC drivers.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey
"Stages are very impressive. Rough as always, but there are sections which are fast and very well prepared. We are waiting for the start."


“There are some special stages that are tough enough. Some are in good condition but others have enough stones. We will see how we should drive. We are optimistic that we will do a good job, but we need to protect the car and tires.”

No. 3: HERCZIG Norbert - FERENCZ Ramon
“I think we are ready for the fight. I liked the special stages as some are quite similar to specials I have competed in Hungary.”

No. 4: GRZYB Grzegorz - WROBEL Jakub
"The race is very difficult. We have, of course, raced in some stages in the past, but in the opposite direction. We should avoid the big stones in the rather bumpy roads. The stage of Thiva is very interesting and it allows fans to enjoy the cars for a long time."

Νο6: BRYNILDSEN Eyvind - ENGAN Veronica
"Thiva (SS2) is pretty tricky though not as hard, but the other special stages are pretty tough. It is not certain that the fastest driver will be the winner of the race."

"Very interesting race, it will be a traditional Acropolis Rally. A lot will be judged by the tires as the race together with the qualifying stage is four days and the kilometers a lot. I really liked Drosohori because it is a very technical stage. The competition will be great with many crews fighting for victory."

"The race has very nice special stages, big, interesting and difficult. It's a real Acropolis Rally and I'm looking forward to start the race. Thiva is the most beautiful special stage."

"Thiva special stage is very nice. On the contrary, Drossohori and Paleohori-Mendenitsa are very difficult for the cars. We may have some drama there."

No.12: AVCIOGLOU Orhan - KORKMAZ Burcin
"I live my dream as I wanted to race at the Acropolis Rally since i was a child. Saturday's stages are nice but they will need attention as they have many stones. My favorite stage is New Amfissa, where I will try to drive fast and have fun."

"Special stages are new for us. They are quite large and have quite different types of surfaces. It is a challenge, but generally we like it a lot. We will enjoy the race. The biggest stage of the race (Thiva) is a challenge I believe we will like a lot, as well as Sunday's specials (Grammeni, Divri)."

No18: ALONSO Juan-Carlos - MONASTEROLO Juan Pablo
"Stages are very beautiful but quite demanding. But we know that this is the spirit of the Acropolis Rally. They remind us a little of the stages we have in Argentina. I think we have a good chance to win our category."

"I've raced again at the Acropolis. I really like the special stages of this year's race as they are big enough. My favorite is Thiva.”

No.29: NORDGREN Juuso - SUOMINEN Tapio
"Difficult stages with many stones. We are ready for the fight."

Νο30: HALKIAS Efthimios - MAHAERAS Leonidas
"Special stages are in good condition. Thiva and Nea Amfissa are excellent. Drosohori needs attention in some places.”

Νο31: ROUSTEMIS Panagiotis - KAPELLAS George
"Special stages offer everything. Others are fast, others require technique, while in others you have to protect the car. Paleohori-Mendenitsa requires caution, while New Amfissa and Thiva are the most spectacular for the fans and enjoyable for the driver. We want a good finish as this is just our second rally."

No.33: "EL NAK Jr" - VIGOS Andreas
"Sunday's special stages are great. On the contrary, for Saturday’s stages I will borrow the quote of a foreign driver and I will say that ‘this is not a rally, this is rock climbing’. Thiva is a very nice stage, but it’s bound to cause many retirements. You need to be careful there. We want to eliminate the stress that has emerged from our bad moment on the previous rally, to enjoy driving and everything else will come."

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