sss works (6)Nine days before the premiere of EKO Acropolis Rally 2018, with the Super Special Stage of Markopoulo Hippodrome on Friday 1st of June (15:26), the pre-sale has started via the website

The drivers of the European Rally Championship (ERC), as well as the competitors of the Panhellenic Gravel Rally Championships for modern and historic rally cars, will return at the same place of the SSS and finish of Acropolis Rally 2007.

This year's design of the SSS route is different compared to 2007, primarily with fast prolonged and extremely spectacular turns, as the competitors will race head-to-head in couples. Starting simoultaneously, the cars will cover the entire route, 2.60 km in length, before they finish at their starting point.


The purchase of the tickets for the Hippodrome SSS of EKO rally Acropolis 2018 is possible through the website, as well as through the websites or the store network of «Cosmote» and «Germanos» . Also via the call center 2108938111(Mon-Sun: 9:00-21:00), Moreover at the ticket office at the Markopoulo Hippodrome from 13:30 noon on Friday 1/06.

On the websites and at the pre-sale points the tickets are available at the price of 10 Euros, while in the Hippodrome ticket shop the cost will be 14 Euros. Admission is free for children up to 12 years old, as well as for people with disabilities.

Please be aware that parking on the Markopoulo Hippodrome is free of charge, with 4,000 parking spots available. In addition, parking area for people with disabilities is provided, together with a specific route from there to the grandstand seats accessible by wheelchairs.

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