SERVICE F / Sunday 3 June 2018 / Leg 3 - Loop 1

“It was a good morning for us. In the first stage I did not have concentration and we lost time but in the next we went better.”

Νο3: HERCZIG Norbert - FERENCZ Ramon
“We started very well with no mistakes. But in the next stage I made a mistake in a turn, I lost the brakes, the engine stopped and lost about 15 seconds.”

Νο4: GRZYB Grzegorz - WROBEL Jakub
“The first stage today was very narrow and demanding. In the second we wanted to push but we had a spin and we lost time.”

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Lukyanuk 1Length: 18,53 km | Surface: Smooth Gravel | Temperature: 31ο C

Alexey Lukyanuk picked up his speed to set the fastest time on EKO Acropolis Rally’s second stage of the day (Divri 1) with a 18 sec. advantage over Lukasz Habaj and Eyvind Brylindsen, who were split by a tenth.

The battle for the lead went to Bruno Magalhaes’ hands this time. The Portuguese found a good rhythm and maintained his large advantage over Norbert Herczig, who had a slight off and stalled his engine. The Hungarian, thus, is now 50,9 sec. behind Magalhaes in the overall standings.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey
"It was OK, in the previous stage we had a problem with brakes and struggled for few last kilometers, but now it was good. We changed the wheel and it's OK.”

“It felt little bit better now. I didn't take many risk, but we improve and it's under control now. In the previous stage the main mistake was in me.”

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Nordgren SS9Length: 21,97 km | Surface: Smooth Gravel | Temperature: 28ο C

Coming back from their retirement yesterday, Juuso Nordgren and Alexey Lukyanuk set the two fastest times at the opening Stage of EKO Acropolis Rally Leg 3, «EKO Grameni 1». But, at the same time, the fight for the win took a new turn, as Bruno Magalhaes lost 21 seconds to Norbert Herczig. Their gap at the front now is reduced to 43.5 sec.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey
“In a very narrow part between two trees I was driving carefully but there was a lot of dust and I touched the tree with the rear.”

“Difficult, in few places difficult for the concentration. We have lost lot of time.”

Νο3: HERCZIG Norbert - FERENCZ Ramon
“Very good warm-up for me. This stage was very difficult, we had clean line, sometimes too hard on brakes, but it was OK.”

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acro2018 meetcrewsService Park, Lamia National Trade Fair, 20h00, Saturday 2 June

Bruno Magalhães
Norbert Herczig, MOL Racing Team
Hubert Ptaszek, TRT Krezus Rally Team

Starting with Bruno Magalhães, the place you wanted to be, leading, but how difficult has it been and did
you believe you could lead at the end of today?
This is a real Acropolis Rally for sure! Very tough, more than last year. Very challenging but my day was
perfect. In the first passage we pushed and didn’t make any mistakes and avoided all the stones and all
the rocks. In the afternoon I had a good gap so I put the hardest compound that exist in Michelin to try to
avoid the punctures and try to save tyres for tomorrow. I think it was a good strategy because I managed
very well in the first stages and I didn’t lose too many time and, of course, in the last one my tyres were in
better condition than the others and I could improve my lead.

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