SERVICE A / End of LEG 1 / Friday, June 1 2018

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey
“The first special was disappointment with a flat tire on the first turn. However, in the next stage we had very good pacenotes and a good start position and we managed to get ahead. But the fight is great and needs attention.”

“Difficult day for us today. We had a lot of trouble finding traction. For tomorrow we will fight for the podium which is our goal.”

No6: BRYNILDSEN Eyvind - ENGAN Veronica
“It was a good day for us although a mistake cost us about 15 seconds. For tomorrow, we will try to keep the same pace, avoiding mistakes and pushing. We want to stay close to Lukyanuk.”

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lukyanoukLength: 30,53 km | Surface: slippery gravel | Temperature: 32ο C

Alexey Lukyanuk overcame his Superspecial Stage troubles earlier on the 2018 EKO Acropolis Rally with an impressive performance at the rally’s longest stage, Thiva.

The ERC leader was 44,5’’ faster than Eyvind Brynildsen at took the lead at the general classification, 33,5’’ ahead of the Norwegian driver. Third, both on the stage and overall, is young Finn Juuso Nordgren after his first full racing day in the ERC. Meanwhile, Tibor Erdi Junior went faster in the ERC2 category and grasped the overall lead from Sergei Remennik.

Thiva’s 30,53 km took their toll on two drivers: Lukasz Habaj went off the road at the 18th km and was forced to retire, while the Greek crew of Vasilis Drymoussis and Panayiotis Drymoussis had the same fate due to technical issues. Also, after a slight off, Paulo Nobre damaged the front end of his Fabia R5 and lost more than two minutes.

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GK5 3816Date: 01/06/2018 / Place: Markopoulo Hippodrome / Flash No: 3

Hungarian Norberg Herczing took the lead of the 2018 EKO Acropolis Rally winning the Super Special Stage which opened the 3rd round of the European Rally Championship (ERC). Meanwhile, a flat tire forced championship leader Alexey Lukyanuk to lose 12.8 seconds.

Sergei Remennik faced the same problem as Lukyanuk in the ERC2 category, in which Zelindo Melegari marked the fastest time. Fastest among Greek crews that participate in ERC was Efthimios Halkias with his co-driver Leonidas Mahaeras, setting the 19th time with their Skoda Fabia.

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GK5 3366Date: 01/06/2018
Place: Acropolis of Athens
Flash No: 2

The 2018 EKO Acropolis Rally, the 64th repletion of Greece’s most distinguished motorsport event, started today under the Parthenon monument and a bright sunny sky. This is round 3 of the European Rally Championship. Action starts at 15:26 with the Markopoulo Hippodrome Super Special Stage.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey

“Everything ok. It could really be a tough battle in this rally”

Νο3: HERCZIG Norbert - FERENCZ Ramon

“We are the rookies in our category, but I hope we will be lucky not to have a puncture or some technical problem. We would like to find a good rhythm on the stages, I hope it will be ok”


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