ss5 GalatLength: 25,10 km | Surface: Rough Gravel | Temperature: 32ο C

After his main competitors’ problems in the previous stage Bruno Magalhaes had it easy to maintain his overall lead of the EKO Acropolis Rally 2018 at the 5th stage of the day, «Paleohori-Mendenitsa». Meanwhile, Alexey Lukyanuk was forced to retire after his front left driveshaft broke at his moment in Drosohori. The ERC leader is expected to return for Sunday’s 4 Special Stages. At the same time, Juuso Nordgren retired after two punctures also at Drosohori- due to the lack of spare wheels. Grzegorz Grzyb climbed at second place, as 4.8 sec split him from Norbert Herczing- while Hubert Ptaszek is 5,8 sec further back in 3rd place. Cypriots Simos Galatariotis and Andreas Tsouloftas close the top-5.

“This is all about surviving. I have never seen in my life something like that. It wasn't so rough the previous year, the rocks are everywhere. Enjoying, but suffering in once.”

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SS4 MagalhaesLength: 25,10 km | Surface: Rough Gravel | Temperature: 32ο C

Bruno Magalhaes took the lead of EKO Acropolis Rally 2018, as Alexey Lukyanuk, Eyvind Brynildsen and Jusso Nordgren suffered serious delays at the 25 kilometers of 4th Special Stage of the race, «Drossohori 1».

Championship leader Lukyanuk lost 19 minutes, as a mid-stage crash left him with a broken driveshaft and a distroed front left wheel. Nordgren suffered two punctures, while Brynildsen lost 3 minutes changing a punctured tyre. Thus, Bruno Magalhaes is the new race leader, with a 43.3 sec lead in front of Norbert Herczing. Finally, both Yuriy Protasov and the protagonist of ERC2 Sergei Remennik suffered punctures too.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey
“Something like in Azores last year. I tried to go more carefuly and slowly and hit something inside the corner. One driveshaft is broken now, we have to discuss with the team.”

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ss3 luk

Length: 14,28 km | Surface: Rough Gravel | Temperature: 31ο C

The battle between Alexey Lukyanuk and Eyvind Brynildsen has began.

The Russian and the Norwegian driver were splitted by just 2 tenths of a second at the starting special stage of the 2nd Leg of EKO Rally Acropolis 2018, SS «EKO New Amfissa». Bruno Magalhaes was 13.3sec behind in third place. Meanwhile the Acropolis Rally has lived uo to it’s reputation for its toll on tyres, since Juuso Nordgren and Orhan Avcioglou had two punctures - but stayed in race.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey
“We took it easy. Conditions are quite different, it's really rough. This is a long loop so we try
to drive carefully.”

“Very fast stage, not the best for the start of the day, too fast. I was too cautious in some
places. Today will be difficult. I don't want to take much risk. The car feels better than

Νο3: HERCZIG Norbert - FERENCZ Ramon
“This stage was quite OK, the road was really slippery, but it's part of this sport.”

Νο4: GRZYB Grzegorz - WROBEL Jakub
“Big fun, but I don't know about the time, with our position it was more slippery than I
expected. The car feels little bit better than yesterday.”

Νο5: HABAJ Lukasz - DYMURSKI Daniel
“The team did great job, they worked until 2 a.m., thanks to the team. The car is like new
now. We have little problem with water pressure alarm, but it's OK.”

Νο6: BRYNILDSEN Eyvind - ENGAN Veronica
“Clean run, but it's rough, lot of stones in the line. I tried to avoid any mistake.”

“It's OK, we have more grip than before and we pushed more. We are happy.”

“Second on the road is not the best option, we don't have to be surprised and live with that.
We tried to go clean, but with this road position it's not easy.”

Νο12: AVCIOGLOU Orhan - KORKMAZ Burcin
“It came in the beginning, maybe three kilometers in the stage.”

“OK, bit slippery, we went safe for the tyres. In the end the car cut out, we lost maybe ten or
fifteen seconds.”

“Not so bad I think, we tried to find the right rhytm. I tried to change my driving style from
yesterday, I'm quite happy.”

“We got the puncture maybe three kilometers after start. (Lost more than 1 minute)”


acro2018 Lukyanuk SSThiva sm*Russian storms to overnight top spot after early puncture drops him to P20
*Athens hosts ceremonial start under the historic Acropolis citadel
*Érdi Jr heads ERC2 standings, Muradian in front in ERC3 battle

Alexey Lukyanuk has gone from zero to hero with a blitzing drive in the FIA European Rally Championship today (Friday). The title leader dropped to P20 with an opening-­stage puncture on the EKO Acropolis Rally but hit back in style with the fastest time through the 30-­kilometre Thiva blast to take the overnight lead – and set the ultimate target for those chasing behind.

They include second-­placed Eyvind Brynildsen from Norway, young Finn Juuso Nordgren, who is third onhis ERC debut, Portugal’s Bruno Magahlães in fourth, Cypriot Alexandros Tsouloftas in fifth and Ukrianian Yuriy Protasov in sixth. Defending ERC2 champion Tibor Érdi Jr heads the showroom category with Artur Muradian in front in ERC3.

How leg one unfolded: Lukyanuk’s evening fever in Thiva
Having suffered a puncture on SS1, the superspecial stage at the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre, Alexey Lukyanuk had lost 12 seconds to early leader Norbert Herczig (Hungary) heading into the day-­ closing Thiva test. But the Russian bounced back with a stage win in SS2, 44.5 seconds quicker than Brynildsen to move into first place in his Pirelli-­equipped Ford Fiesta R5. “It’s a big surprise, I did some mistakes” Lukyanuk said at the end of Thiva. “The road was really clean for us, better than for the guys in front. I was in stage mode as we lost a lot of seconds and we needed to get some time back."

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